? ? ? Ask Beckah Shae.

Ok, So here it is ….. A place for you to ask me questions and for me to do my best to answer. Ready ..Set… Go!

  • Valerie Banda

    P.S. – I hope your Bubbi and uncle Bobby are doing better. Prayers to you and your family!<3 Standing in agreement with you.

  • http://gmail.com DeNajae’ S. Armstrong

    Hey, Beckah Shae your music is awesome! It brings me joy everytime i hear it. You might not remember this, but I still have you autograph, from wen you came to my church… (Faith Mission Ministries Inc. ) You signed my Beckah ‘joy’ Shae poster . Saying ” Denajae, daughter of the king, you are soooo loved!” Then you drew a butterfly and wrote Eph. 3:16-19 .
    I hope you keep spreading the word of God , and your love for him. You are a wonderful role model, and you have a wonderful heart.I know your children are very proud of you, and i know they’ll have a bright path to follow after their mother. As you told me psalms 16:11 “you make known to me the path of life; in your presence there is fullness of joy; at your right hand are pleasures forevermore.”
    -peace, love and happiness,
    p.s. my favorite song is hepzibah :-)

  • http://gmail.com DeNajae’ S. Armstrong

    OH YEAH (sorry!) I’m only 16 and im turning 17 0n april 27th, praise God for another year of living!

  • Veronica

    HI BECKAH!!!! quick question, any new songs on the way???? so in luv with your music!!!!! please reply!!! -God bless!!!

  • Shoc

    Yes Be on the Lookout May1st for my New Single called “Overflow” from a New Worship project being released this summer!

  • Selah

    Hi, Beckah Shae. I was wondering: Does your voice ever get tired or weak if you’ve had concerts for a long time w/ barely any rest?

  • Elizabeth

    Hi Beckah,

    I really like your new single “Overflow”. So I was wondering, when are you coming out with the new album “Rest”?



  • Adeline

    Hey Beckah ..I am just 13 years old but I love your songs!!!!All of them ..you are my favorite christian singer. I’m Pentecostal and I live with my family in Romania.:) I like very much the song of you “Message of love”
    God bless you and your friends and family! You sing GREAT!!
    Good Job!
    With admiration, Adeline Pirvu

  • Lauren

    Dear Beckah,
    I just found about you the beginning of this year and I love your songs! They really speak the truth and they have an awesome bet. I was wondering if u had ever toured in Wisconsin. That’s where I live and it would be awesome to see you up here. The station I listen to is Q 90 and they sponsor a Christian festival every year in July, called Lifest. And I was curious to know if u have not been up to Wisconsin if u would consider it in the future. Anyway, thanks for being a light in our dark world. God bless

  • dave

    Beckah, I saw you when you came to Arizona a few months back.
    I so desperately needed to hear you sing Surrender, for alot of
    reasons that i cant really explain. But you didnt sing it that night.
    I see you are going to Las Vegas next month. Any chance that might
    be on your list of songs you sing?

  • melissa

    Hi beckah shae I first heard your song life on kcfy last year and I loved it I love how your songs are up beat but have a godly purpose thanks so much for your new album I like We are best of all the songs. you inspire me a lot thanks God bless you

  • Lily

    Hi Beckah! You have always been an inspiration to me, ever since I saw you perform a couple of years ago. Your music touches my heart. Because of your amazing relationship with God, my relationship has become very solid and strong. I am 13, and my mom is amazed by my motivation to pray and do Bible Study. I have been singing like you for a very long time, and now I believe God has guided me to the path of becoming a Christian singer. I feel filled with love and the Holy Spirit when I sing your songs at home, or Christian songs at church. It is the Christian radio station I want to listen to, I just love it. My way of praising and worshipping him is music. Whatever I do in life, it is my goal to glorify God, and let all credit go to him. He is everything, and I want to shine his light through me.

  • Lily

    … I have been going to church, taking notes from the sermon, going to the piano, and writing songs about the lessons I have learned. Any advice? It is my dream to meet you! You signed something for me, but it was like 2 seconds and I want to spend 2 hours talking to you! You are very wise and amazing. I love you so much! Please reply and share your thoughts!

  • dave


    I left an email about a month ago. I have not heard back.
    I am struggling with so many issues that i cant even begin to put them on a public forum. However, your music seems to be the only thing that is penetrating my callous heart. When I hear Surrender
    I want to drop to my knees. Is there any chance you will be singing
    “Surrender ” when you do your concert in Las Vegas on Aug 24th?

  • dave

    I am hoping 3 is a charm. I really don’t think this blog works.
    I am 0-3. Just wondering if you might be playing Surrender at your
    Phoenix concert in Oct.

  • Serenah Cale

    Hey Beckah!!
    I know you meet alot of people but I was just wondering if you remember me from the AMF festival in Asheville when I asked you for your autograph on my CD during the worship? I love your music and I love how you just love the L-RD in all you do and show it through your music!!!

  • dave


  • dave

    curious why you have this blog up if you never intended on using it?


  • http://www.beckahshae.com/2011/05/16/ask-beckah-shae/ mila

    Hi Beckah, i love your song “No More” it is super cool and awesome, what hair product do you use to get your hair super long cause i want my hair like that

  • http://www.reverbnation.com/projectsammy SAM W. MASABA

    Hi Beckah,

    I am a big fan of your music and I reside in Uganda.God has gifted me with rap but I must say I would pick your album over hip hop any time.Thanks for your work.

    I am currently waiting on God for direction in my music and everything in general but I struggle with sin.Please give me words of encouragement or any thoughts that come to your mind in light of this,.

  • Suede Lacy

    Hi, i know your busy women of God and your living your dream doing his will but, i really want to work with you i dont want to stalk you or anything cause thats like crreppy but if you get any time out of mom duty, career, ect. please contact me im trying to get out there so i need every bit of help i can get. thanks god bless!!!!

  • Markala Roland

    My name is Markala Roland I’m 12 years old and my sisters and I wanted to sing one of your songs “I Surrender” at competition. We love your music and your unique style. Can you help us? we needed the scores to your music. How do we get that? We are competitng against other Christian schools and we want to win!!! I hope to hear from you soon.

  • Kari

    Hi Beckah!!

  • Kari

    I just wanted to know that which bible verse is Rest made… Thank you and may the Lord give you strenght in everything you do!!! ^-^

  • Anastasia

    Hi Beckah! I love your singing so much that I’ve decided to sing one of your songs for this upcoming music video the media students are creating at college. I’m in a Performing Arts group, where we combine with the media students whereas they use us for their videoing. I’m planning on singing ‘Put your love glasses on’, but I can’t find the instrumental for it! Oh please help! If I’m ever to sing your song, I need the instrumental version of ‘Put your love glasses on’. I would be very grateful if you gave me the instrumental version which I desperately need for 16/01/13! Thanx! <3 xxxxxxxxxxx

  • adam jankowiak

    Hey Beckah: I really love your music, love to sing it, love to damce to it, but most of all I love how you minister through it. My brother and my family are going through a lot he’s not part of family right now but that doesn’t mean if he don’t appoligize he won’t be welcomed in with open arms. but that song FORGIVNESS really helped with that. Any way 1 of your new songs the lyarics go- (there was a time you brought me from dark to light, the best thing i’ll ever have. what cd is that on, is it Destiny. let me know! when you coming to concert in michigan

  • http://ailigirl.blogspot.ca/ Aili

    I love your music.
    Who designs your CD covers?
    They are awesome!

  • Laurent Shae

    Hi Beckah i am your biggest fan in Africa i love all your songs now i have much lyrics of your song in my head and i’m sometimes choregraph,my big dream is to sing with you…i know i can do this
    God Bless You, an African Fan

  • Victoria

    um hi Beckah, im just wondering what your ethnicity is b/c u r sooo beautiful! are u Venezuelan or Spanish?

    God Bless!

    p.s. I love your fashion! :)

  • Alesa Hastings

    Hi I’m a big fan and I was wandering if you have ever mixed the lyrics of 2 songs together? If not why dont you try it?


  • Megan

    Hi, Beckah! I am I 6th grader from Arizona, I have a hard time convincing myself that I am beautiful…. I have glasses, braces and I think I am a little chubby.do you have any words for me that can convince me? Thank you!

  • Elisa

    July 31, 2013

    HI Beckah! Thank you for all your music, the more i hear them the more I love them and yes, it does make me hungry for more Scripture Snacks. Beckah, I’ve been really wanting to grow a deeper, realer relationship with Yeshua. I was also wondering what you did on your “dates with Jesus”. Right now, I want to get to know and experience Yeshua’s love and truth in new ways and feel His reality more. This summer, I wen to the YMJA conference for the first time. IT WAS AMAZING. I got so much more out of it then I ever would have imagined. But after a while once I returned, all the deep, intense moments with the Lord got misty, as if it was too dreamy. And now, i sometimes get slightly worried to let Yeshua change me into who I was fully made to be. I suppose it’s because it’s “uncharted territory”. At times, I kinda didn’t recognize the old Elisa I knew who was fearful and reluctant, yet it was what I was used to and even in the pains of it, it was what I was used to. I guess I want help getting out of my comfort zone and letting the old Elisa pass away and letting Jesus change me into a stronger, fuller, richer Elisa, you know? i feel like now is the time to get to know Yehsua more and become who I’m meant to be…… also I’m switching to a public High school for my Junior year..and I’m 14. I feel like God is really calling me to be there… and that He has a plan for me to complete. I would really appreciate prayers to help me do this, whatever God puts on your heart. I know you know the things that go on in Public schools these days….. well, thank you SO MUCH Beckah!!! I realize mine is a little long….. Sorry about that … Gob bless Beckah and keep on doin’ what you’re doin’ !! <3 —Elisa

  • http://beckahshae.com anastasia

    Why did you pick singing as your career? I love your songs their awesome, you’re awesome. Praise the Lord!!! :)

  • Alicia

    any news on possible release dates for new cd?

  • http://lifeisworthliving Faith Bobo G

    Hi Beckah I got saved this year it is my responsibility to spread the gospel but the problem is I never talk I always seclude myself from people and people never approach me please pray for me to gain courage to spread the gospel or is it a matter of time?

  • alezia ardella avant

    OMG I LOVE YOU BECKAH SHAE!!!!!! you can sing and rap and you are doing it all for the Lord,AMAZING!!!! i can sing too and i was wondering what tips you had for me as i grow up and get into the end of my high school years. And also i would love some advice….i am trying to get the idea of a christian youth rally at my church underway. Teens praying for teens and teens singing and socializing with other christian teens…THANKS!!!!
    alezia avant
    P.S i will be at your concert at word of life in springfield virginia!!!!!ITS GONNA BE GOOD!!!!!

  • Brenda Reiland

    HI Becka, just want to tell you that your music inspires me everyday! It helps me through all sorts of struggles and emotions in life. It also encourages me to be strong in my convictions and beliefs. I really enjoy your cds (Life, Destiny). Thank you for your music!!
    Brenda from Montana

  • Brittany Rohacs

    Hi Beckah Shae! I absolutely love your music and was wondering if you are working on a new album right now? I can’t imagine what working out at the gym would be like without having your awesome, fast beat Christian pop songs to listen to and keep me moving, praising God all the way! Thank you for using your wonderful talent for Him, love ya!

  • Andrea Lunsford

    I really like your song “no limit’ and so does my baby. Is this song royalty free?

  • Jessica

    Can you prophesy?

  • Jessica

    That’s awesome. You rock!

  • BNear

    I’m part of the “older crowd” at 42 but the first time I heard your music, I really liked it. I didn’t just like the music because of the beat and its sound, I liked for the same reason why I’m a Mercy Me, Casting Crowns and most importantly for the Christian contemporary music scene; Petra and that reason is your directive as a Christian artist; you want to tell people about Jesus and nothing is going to stop that if that’s what you’re destined to do. When I listen to Petra for instance, I hear the Bible through the lyrics and Beckah, that’s what you got going on too!
    This isn’t a post to make you feel good about just yourself but rather a post to make you feel good about where you are in your relationship with God, as long as you stay close to him and give him the pen, the equipment and the mic, you’ll be a very busy girl.
    Well done Beckah, thanks for your contribution to Christian music and thank you for giving me something I can enjoy and share with those around me that have still yet to hear about Jesus.

  • Dale Van Houten

    Hi Beckah, your songs are lovely. I am an Eastern Star Sister and our Worthy Matron’s theme this year is: Faith, Hope and Love. I was wondering if there is free sheet music for this to be played on an organ. I would love for us to have our organist play this for her. I would greatly appreciate if I can print it out. If the answer is no, then I understand. God Bless you, your beautiful voice and your beautiful music. DVH Associate Matron Gloria Chapter # 159 Order of the Eastern Star of NJ. Thank you Beckah for your time.

  • Cailyn

    Hi Beckah Shae,

    Can You Make Sheet Music For The Child Is Born Feat Joy & Grace Song. My Twin Sisters Want To Sing It For Christmas In Front Of My Family They Have The Words Down But My MOm Want Some Background Music Hope You Can Help!!!

    Thank You,
    Cailyn Owen.

  • Tiffany Rain Wilson

    hey, um so when i was like 10 i went to a concert at my church in florida, you were preforming and i loved every song. at the end of the sermen you gave me a signed cd. i think it was your first album. it was called butterfly and it was one of my favorite cds of all time. being that im 18 now its been a while since ive had the cd. and i cant seem to find the full album on youtube. i can only find the song “message of love” which was on that album. but id love to listen to that album again. do you have any suggestions on where i can find it? you inspired me very much. and in the past few years ive been thru alot but the love of god has gotten me through it and continues to do so. i just want to thank you for being one of the first people to show me how loving and caring god is through your music. idk where id be without him. id love to talk to you more and get some advice on the things im going through. if you could please write back soon. thank you.

  • Daniel Leon

    I praise God for you. Your music has touched me deeply. Thank you.

  • Bill Pagaran

    Someone posted your song, “Heartbeat” on my FB page and said that you had Native heritage. Is that true?

  • Julie Ann Hodes

    How long have you been Messianic?

  • Kris

    Hi Beckah! I saw you perform in Asheville, NC – GREAT! What was the name of the organization that you spoke of which helped children? I need a charity to add to my wedding registry. Thanks in advance!

  • Nickswife Rudan C.

    Hi Beckah I love your singing its great and your such a great person its great knowing that u put god in your life and shall it with your family. and another thing how is your new baby girl?