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  • Sharayah Kiss

    Ok, so I absolutely love your songs and they inspire me. Mainly because you blow that shofar in your songs and that makes me get ampt up for Yahweh. My name is Sharayah kissell (sharayah is Hebrew for princess) I’ve been called by Yahweh and I’ve had this idea to write you more than once. Yahweh blessed me with a voice and I have always wanted to use it for His purpose and I just thought I’d try getting a hold of you to see if maybe i could start making some music. I don’t want to be famous or nothing, I just know how much singing makes me happy and how happy it makes others when I sing and that’s my purpose of getting a hold of you. I don’t want some regular producer who doesn’t have Yeshua in their heart like you do. I just recently discovered my Hebrew roots and I feel like I have so much to say and so much to give to the world and they need to hear what I have to say I want to do it through song Because music is so powerful. I know this is a Longshot but I know that Yahweh can make all things in anything happen so if it’s meant to be I hope you get back to me and I’m going to keep trying to get ahold of you different ways maybe I’ll send you a YouTube video of my voice or me singing and I’ll figure out how to get ahold of you but if I could share my voice with the world that would make me the most happiest person on this planet. I already know how singing makes you feel. Really i do, especially the music you make. I really hope you get back to me my email is skissell254@gmail.com or my phone number is 720-589-6034. I hope to hear from you Beckah.

    Sharayah kissell