Inspired? Encouraged? Blessed? or do you have a Prayer Request?

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Blessed to be a Blessing.


  • Angel Ingram

    Hi, Beckah. I just want to tell you thank you for answering the call on your life. You have blessed me so much with your music. I pray blessings over you and your family. I would like you to lift up my husband in prayer and also my dad in prayer. My husband has been struggling with a drug addiction and lust. My dad has not excepted Yeshua in his heart as his Lord and Savior. I appreciate you and your husband offering to pray for us. You have to be watchful of who prays for you cause you want their words of prayer to line up with God’s Word. That’s why I’m reaching out to you guys. I know you have understanding and knowledge of the Word. I love ya’ll (: Thanks, Angel

  • Jordan

    Hi Beckah! I first got introduced to your music at busch gardens williamsburg and instantly I fell in love. I wish I could have you here as my friend because your filled with so much love and wisdom. For the past two years I have been with a man who is now my husband as of the end of 2011. We have had tons of issues with him and skype,women, and pornography. He’s never physically cheated, but he has a problem when it comes to the internet. He’s told me over and over that he’s changed but he hasn’t. I don’t know what else to do, I feel like he needs to be delivered but he hasn’t yet. All we need right now is prayer and I need a little encouragement. I feel so insecure and my trust for him is gone. Please Help!

  • Gabrielle

    Hiiiii Beckah Shae!
    I just want to let you know that you are an amazing women for God. Thank you so much for your music and for your heart for Jesus. You are one of my favorite artists,and I respect not only the fact that you use your talents for God, but that you have convictions about God’s love and his word. I am 15 years old (almost 16 woop woop! ;D), and living the life that God desires is noootttttt easy. However, I appreciate your music, and I am encouraged by your story and by how God has moved in your life. I myself love music and I loooveee to sing. I always tell people I could sing to God for the rest of my life and I would be happy. It brings me so much joy when I sing to God, and so I understand your passion for God and really appreciate how you show that through music.
    The first time I heard one of your songs was this summer. My dad bought one of your songs (Are You Ready? actually) and I listened to it in the car on during my annual trip to PA with my family. I wasn’t sure who sang the song, or even what it was called, but i reaaaallllllyyyy reeeaalllyyyy liked ittt. I looked the song up on the computer a few weeks after, and I figured out who you were and more about your music. Since then, I have been consistently listening to your songs. I especially love your song “Surrender.” It is one of my favorite church hymns, and I was looking for a recorded version of this it online. Ironically enough, I found out you had your own version of it, and iiii looveee itttt!
    Soooooo baisically, youre awesome, and keep doing what your doing, because it is making a difference for God.
    And by the way, I was looking at your facebook posts over at the side, and I saw you posted something from the end of Psalm 73 (verse 26). First of all, Psalm 73 is my FAAAVVVOOORRIITTEE Psalm. Annnnnddddddd I text, like, 50 of my close friends from my church a scripture everyday and on monday,March 5th, I texted them that exact oneee; Psalm 73:25-26 :D!!!!!!! Soooooo I thought that was cooool tooo.
    But yea, sooo you’re awesome and God bless!
    -Gabrielle ;)

  • Brendon

    Hey Beckah!
    I have a prayer request, I have dealt with many different lows in life and overall it led me to homosexuality, and this stronghold has gripped me for some time. At the end of August I accepted Christ as my saviour. Since then I have been battling the thoughts in my mind and have been renewing my mind with the word. So would you be able to pray that these chains will be loosed off of me through Jesus because I desire to serve God whole heartedly without hinderances, and pray that I would find the freedom and joy that God has for me :) thank-you for your servants heart! And your music is inspirational in keeping me fighting the good fight, keeping God number one and to fight in the Spirit and not the flesh. Thanks again!

  • Diana

    Beckah, you are such an inspiration to me. You got me dancin’ like a fool when I’m… anywhere! If only all of our brothers and sisters in Christ could get a hold of your music and the heart behind your art. I was hungry for some pure, strong, quality gospel-loving music and I found you on an online streaming radio station (’s top 40 station, i think it was). I love TobyMac, but I needed to be able to bust out some soulful-gumbo praise in my vocal range, too. Thank God for the countless times your music (especially the songs, “Joy”, “Fly”, and “Gold”) has lifted me up and out of a place of despair that I’d unknowingly slid into. Girl, I hope you never doubt what your surrender to God has done for His church and beyond. I can’t wait to fellowship with you, whether it’s in this life or the next. You and your husband and your friends are amazing children of God and I hope and pray someday to be surrounded with the same amount of heavenly people to glory together in our LORD. Thanks for keeping me singing, sister. Love you.

  • Dee

    First off, your music is amazing, my nieces and I love singing your songs in the car. When I converted to Christianity, your songs caught my attention right away and encouraged me to search for more Christian music. Thank you for sharing your talent with the world. Secondly, would you mind praying for my husband, stepdaughter, and me? My husband is about 3,000 miles away working, leaving my stepdaughter and I behind. He’s been gone since last August (a week after we married) and I won’t be able to join him until next November, and we’re having custody issues with our stepdaughter’s mother…which is why I chose to stay behind. My husband is working two jobs, and I worry that he isn’t getting enough rest or the right nourishment. He’s doing a lot for our family and, because of his job and the area he’s in, I pray for his safety constantly. Would you please add your prayers to ours?

  • Wendy

    Greetings in the Beautiful name of Jesus! Just wanted to say thankyou for doing what you do! Thankyou for giving us something to dance and sing to. The children at our church are in a parade each year that marks the begining of our outreach month, and last year they danced to the song Life…oh to see little hands lifted high in Praise to the father is amazing! and to get to share that with an entire community is breathtaking! We get to have each of our ministries in the parade and many come to the church to learn of the fathers Love for them. most stay and I get a chance to serve their children. God is amazing! Thankyou for answering the call and doing damage to darkness!!!

  • Ken Lebu

    Hi Beckah,
    Thank you so much for what you are doing through your music. It is so blessing and encouraging and i pray that God rewards you abundantly. Recently i read about the wonderful work that you did in Kenya some time ago. I was so touched by how you treated those needy children. I’m a Kenyan and whenever i can, i dedicate to helping those that are in need of a shoulder to lean on. I was undergoing some kind of depression that made me stop being kind and giving to the needy but when i saw the work that you did i was so humbled and touched. Now i am back at helping those that need me.
    Thanks a lot Beckah, may God bless you more

  • Tonya

    Hey there Beckah!
    Blessings in so much measure to you & the family!
    & thank you for all the encouragement! Praying the Lord continues to bring you to that place of encouragement!
    We can only give out what we have been given… so its only fitting to ask the Lord to pour more into your life as well :)

    Got a small prayer request as well that could use some agreement :)
    LONG story short, my husband & I are facing a decision to try for our very first home.
    This home needs alot of work on the inside, but is located next door to a family we love. It was the home I always went to for my sanctuary over the past 12 years! A place where I would frequently have quiet time with the Lord. Not to mention the view in the area is absolutely STUNNING!
    & its about 3 minutes away from the church where I’ve recently been helping to lead worship.

    Financially it would be tight for us, but feesably we could handle payments on the home we rent & the new home, until we are able to move into the new home.
    …………. venting it out here, sorry, lol!
    The nutshell is that we want to make a good sound decision. If this is indeed from the Lord, then we really want it to be very evident! If its NOT, then we would want every possible door to shut! :)
    Thanks so much!
    Blessings to you all in SOOOOOO much measure!

  • Hope

    Hey Beckah! I hope and pray that you will respond to me If you would it would be greatly appreciated!! Sometimes I feel like I am not good enough and i feel like I am consitently giving out love and kindness and not all the time is it given back to me i know that God is big enough to pour into me Love unconditionally but i just have to ask and seek and most of times i really don’t invest time into that can you give me some advice thanks<3

    P.S. you are LOVED!

  • Deborah

    Hello Beckah!
    First, I adore your music. :) It makes me want to dance as much as it makes me want to worship. Thanks for daring to be different! And I do have a prayer request. I leave to go on the mission field next week. Please pray that the Lord will work a miracle in my finances before we leave. Thanks for asking how you can pray for us. :)


  • Sharon

    Prayers for my hubby, back problems MRI yesterday awaiting results. Love u bunches! Thanks for all u do!

  • Denise (encouragingwordsforsinglemoms) Angelique

    Thank You for being an inspiration and one of my 13yo daughter, Michayla”s most positive yet humble role models. I love that she looks up to you and through you,see Jesus. (tearing)
    Your voice has inspired her to sing again, and that makes her mom’s heart fill with joy!
    TY Lord for Beckah Shae and please continue to strengthen her and her family (husband and little ones) and all of her other family as they be aba your business, AMEN!
    Sincerely, Denise Angelique

  • Fred Hayden

    Hey Beckah, I have told you this before, but it bears repeating: God has given you and Shoc incredible gifts, and He has given y’all the opportunity to be used by Him for His glory and for the sake of Christ Jesus. I thank Him for that and for your obedience to Him in using those gifts for His glory. May He continue to bless you and your family – and kiss them two sweet babes for me ;-)

  • Colleen Ashley

    Hello Beautiful Woman Of God
    Just wanted you to know that you are valuable and can’t wait to see you at Baltimore’s Pier Six Concert.You make me want to Praise Him more and more each day!!!!!!May 26 can’t wait,its going to be awesome!

  • Sabrina


    Being able to write to you is an answer to prayer. God led me to you and your music around the beginning of this year…I recently graduated from college, but now I am at a crossroad. It’s a long story, lol…but I was hoping you would pray for me. You are really a role model for me…our backgrounds are somewhat similar. I am really in need of encouragement for life and I need to be reminded of God’s love and His promises. I am just hanging on.

    Thank you for reading this and talking to Abba on my behalf.
    Your sister in Yeshua,
    Sabrina <3

  • Kara

    I love the lord, and your music!
    It’s soooo uplifting!
    My parents are taking me and my BFFs to see you, Natalie Grant, Steven Curtis Chapmen and Ashes Remain in Baltimore on May 26! A WEEK AFTER MY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!! I can’t wait!!!!! Thanks Beckah!

  • Christina McDermott

    Beckah & Jack!!

    WOW!! Incredible!! Saw you today at Faith City w/ Pastor Steve Hare!! I sat through a couple services..because I just couldn’t leave! I could have stayed ALL day to listen your amazing voice. Thank you so much for following God’s calling for your life!! Keep up the great work! You are such a blessing!! I have 15 year triplets and they were not able to be w/ me today…my daughter was very sad to know that she missed you!! Great role model for the young girls of this generation…keep up the encouraging words..especially for the young women!!
    God’s Blessings to you and your family.
    Christina McDermott

  • Hannah

    Dear beckah , I have been having some family Problems with my older brother he turned his family down because he thought my parents weren’t supporting him enough.we just wanted him to get out on his own I mean he is in collage. He emails me but that’s it I don’t think he emails my other brother. It hurt to know
    That he may never come back I never thought he’d turn out this way It has really taken a toll on us please
    Pray because its hard to write and sing music with this going on I want my bro back. One of your biggest fans eveeeer, Hannah

  • Louise Schafer

    Dear Beckah,

    Hi u may never c this but im sooooo blessed beyond measure that you are a great women of god. Your a great role model and your beautiful and amazing. I would love for you to pray for my schooling and just life. Alot of the time I wake up feeling down and depressed and not really enjoying life. Im a very quiet girl and sometimes i think people just treat me like im nothing. Im to scared to tell anyone. I dont talk to anyone cuz i think they hate me. Also i hate the school that i go to, they have rude kids that talk behind your back and people that just hate you just cuz ur not perfect like them. Please help?

    PS: I think your music is awesome

  • Elizabeth

    Hi Beckah,
    You have really blessed me because I like the sound of songs that are not necessarily appropriate to listen to so I thought their would be no singer that would have a good tune and be christian. When I came across you, I was so excited! Now I have a christian singer that I really like her music and it is christian music! Thanks!


  • Giselle Tenório Soares

    Hi, i’m from Brasil, and i found your sounds by “youtube” and i’d like to know if you recorded a music called “Holy Spirit”, because only found it live on you tube, and i loved this song. thanks for read. When will you come to Brazil???

  • Cortney

    Hi Beckah!
    I’m Cortney, I met you Saturday night! I just wanted to tell you again that you are my inspiration and my role model! I have been struggling with Diabetes and an eating disorder that lead me to ao complete depression and before I came to the Women’s Conference this weekend, I was just about to give up and completely let go of trying to live at all. But I truely believe that God saved me this weekend and I have more faith than ever now! I was truely truely touched by you with everything you shared. Everytime you talked I’d just burst into tears because it touched my heart so much! I believe that I will be healed and overcome all of this that seemed to make me think life was not worth living. You are amazing, Beckah and I admire you so much! Like I said Saturfday night, YOU were born to do this!!!!!!!! Thank you so much for everything. I hope you come back to AZ real soon because I can’t wait to give you a huge hug again! Thank you, Beckah Shae.


  • Hannah

    Dear Beckah, my brother is now in ukraine and i’m not allowed to talk to him. we cut him off so we won’t get more hurt than we are. he’s safe and i’m glad because i can’t lose him. i’m turning 13 in october and i want him to be there when i’m a teenager he hasn’t missed or not tried to be there one birthday. it’s really hard to think about and i try not to. all these things remind me of him . i can’t tell my friends. not many other people know what i’m going through. i miss him we all miss him and he doesn’t understand it. he doesn’t even talk to mom and dad. i try my best to move on cause besides praying thats all i can do.please write me back.
    one of your biggest fans ever,

  • Hannah

    Dear Beckah,
    Jared is back from Ukraine.i know he’s safe but i keep having dreams and thinking about him coming home. i miss him! i need my big brother!!!!!! i know god has control. but i need Jared to be here.
    PLEASE write me back when you get a chance. I need help!!!!!!!!!!!
    one of your biggest fans eveeeeeeeeeeeeeeer .

  • Shelbey

    Discouragement and depression are two of the evil one’s strongest weapons against new Christians, which was me a year ago. Your song Hephzibah abled me to fight those off and make me Stronger. Including No More and countless others throughout my walk with the Lord. Thank you for making the sacrifices needed to answer Abba’s higher calling for your life. Your the best role model for girls in this generation, as we know they’re aren’t many out there. Girls look at the stars on reality t.v. shows as the way to be but I pray that the Lord will increase your popularity a tenfold so that more will find your music and find hope and not let all your struggles in life that God put you through in order to relate to us to go in vain.
    Please pray that I may have even just half of your ability minister to others and contemplate being a passage way for everyone to Yeshua the lover of our souls like you do.

  • Hannah

    Dear Beckah,
    i want to thank you for your music i has blessed me so much
    Fogiveness helped be to forgive boys in my neighborhood who gave me and my friend a hard time. so i wnt to say thanks and God bless.
    One of your biggest fans eveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer!!!!!!!
    P.S. i have started to write music again!

  • Tabitha

    Hi Bekah,

    I will tell you what happened just last night. My boyfriend and I had a misunderstanding that had lasted the whole day and I felt very unsure, deeply hurt and sick. I am a true believer in God and knew I could only turn to Him for comfort. I began praying aloud and singing songs like, “All things are possible” from Hillsong and believing the words.
    Then I thought of your music. EVERY TIME I play one of your songs, I begin to feel my spirit lifted because they are so full of faith.
    I really got a lot out of your song, Forgiveness, and knew that is what I needed to do.
    My boyfriend and I talked things out later that evening (which is where we both realized we had a huge misunderstanding) and feel closer than before.
    God is great. Thank you for your music and truly how inspiring it is. Will you ever be in Phoenix, AZ anytime?

  • Ery

    hey Beckah,
    When i wasnew in faith was introduced to your music and ti touched me and ever since I’ve always kept you in my playlist. I am inspired by you and your relationship with God. i would like to have that relationship with him and even be touched by the spirit but lately i get impatient with him and just don’t know what to do. i get very discouraged easily and feel very lonely and depressed a lot Just asking for you to keep me in prayer and pray for God to bless you even more

  • Marie

    God bless you! Your music has inspired and encouraged me. It’s unique and Holy Spirit filled. I pray that as God leads, your ministry will go way beyond what you imagine. I also have a prayer request. I have so many dreams locked within me and I know I can’t fulfill them on my own. I’m not sure what to do and I would appreciate your prayer! Thanks!!

  • Ayla

    Hi Beckah, recently, I was sitting on the beach, at an all time low, with a loaded gun in my hand, ready to end it phone pinged and somone had retweeted to me your song about dont give up… as i listened, it was like all of sudden i came out of this fog… so i just wanted to say thanks for that….


    Hello, I read your blog regularly. Your writing style is witty, keep up
    the good work!

  • Jonathan

    Thank you for using the time and gifts The Lord has given you to reach people through your music. I would like to know if you could give me tips when it comes to writing music. Lyrics and the music itself. Blessings to you and your family.

  • Elisa

    HI Beckah! Thank you for all your music, the more i hear them the more I love them and yes, it does make me hungry for more Scripture Snacks. Beckah, I’ve been really wanting to grow a deeper, realer relationship with Yeshua. I was also wondering what you did on your “dates with Jesus”. Right now, I want to get to know and experience Yeshua’s love and truth in new ways and feel His reality more. This summer, I wen to the YMJA conference for the first time. IT WAS AMAZING. I got so much more out of it then I ever would have imagined. But after a while once I returned, all the deep, intense moments with the Lord got misty, as if it was too dreamy. And now, i sometimes get slightly worried to let Yeshua change me into who I was fully made to be. I suppose it’s because it’s “uncharted territory”. At times, I kinda didn’t recognize the old Elisa I knew who was fearful and reluctant, yet it was what I was used to and even in the pains of it, it was what I was used to. I guess I want help getting out of my comfort zone and letting the old Elisa pass away and letting Jesus change me into a stronger, fuller, richer Elisa, you know? i feel like now is the time to get to know Yehsua more and become who I’m meant to be…… also I’m switching to a public High school for my Junior year..and I’m 14. I feel like God is really calling me to be there… and that He has a plan for me to complete. I would really appreciate prayers to help me do this, whatever God puts on your heart. I know you know the things that go on in Public schools these days….. well, thank you SO MUCH Beckah!!! I realize mine is a little long….. Sorry about that … Gob bless Beckah and keep on doin’ what you’re doin’ !! <3 —Elisa

  • Shellea

    I borrowed your CD from a friend two years ago…I still have it! It has really encouraged me through a dark time. We lost our business, our home was repossessed, my husband has been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease…we have two teenage boys!
    Everyday I would drop the boys off at school and crank up your music and sing and cry all the way to work. That was the only time I gave myself to just let it all out!
    Thank you for walking down the dark road with me…
    I would love to see you in concert…any upcoming events planned?

  • Daniel Kuehn

    Hi Beckah,

    Thanks for being such an encouragement. I didn’t like R&B music much before but the moment I heard your song “Music” I was hooked!
    I have written a Young Adult novel that has has been excepted by WinePress Publishing. And your songs helped me to trust God even when the world seems to be falling apart. Your testimony has encouraged me to pursue a “Incorruptible” walk with Jesus as I watch my book be prepared for publication by the publisher.
    To be honest, I’m a little overwhelmed. Please pray that I will be staunch in my faith in Jesus and that I’ll trust Him to lead me through this road with my book.

    I’m praying for you. God bless! =D

  • http://Facebook Connie

    Hi Beckah,
    I just wanna say that you are an inspiration to me and to alot of People out there. You found your God given talents & are using them to touch so many lives and have brought them closer to the Lord. As well as getting us fit :-) That’s a Plus.. I just wanted to tell You thank You! And also ask that you pray for my Parents and myself. My Parents for healing, and myself that I would not have any bitterness or unforgiveness if any from my ex. And all the pain I’ve endured in my life. Beckah if there is anyway to talk personally with you through email, that would be so amazing! Just Please pray that I would stop being so scared of life. Thanks so much! God bless! Hug’s & Blessings Ten Fold! Connie

  • Marcia Alexandria Peterson

    Your music is perfect for me

  • Michelle Chan

    Thank you for allowing God to inspire the song ‘Heart Beat.’ The first time I heard it was on ‘Dance Moms.’ I couldn’t decipher the lyrics clearly and was pleasantly shocked to learn that it had such a beautiful gospel message. Christians could definitely use a revival at this point as we are being attacked in various directions, even by some of our own. It’s time we raise up God’s standards again and start living for Him instead of staying under the radar to impress the world.

    Please pray that we all remain bold and confident yet humble while speaking the truth in love to the lost. Pray that we do not get caught up wanting to be accepted to the point that we lose our souls trying to gain the world. And please pray that we remain strong in our faith, Godly convictions, forgiveness and love toward others.

    We must stop compromising our Christian values and being a stumbling block to those who don’t believe. Love, marriage, God’s will and even the character of Jesus Christ are being redefined for Christians by non-believers. Apostasy is quickly spreading throughout various churches. Believers are becoming confused as to what defines love vs. what defines sin. Christians no longer know the will of God and need to be reminded again. My only hope is that none should perish but that all should come into the knowledge of Yahweh’s truth.

    God Bless!!! :)

  • Pamela Rognlien

    I’m not sure how I came across your song “Joy”, but it’s become one of my favorites to start the day. My husband and I lead spiritual pilgrimages through the Holy Land, and I’ve been starting each day lifted up by that song! Then I recognized the setting of one of your videos in places I know so well in Israel – for “Heartbeat”. I will pray for you each time I play “Joy” (which is often). You are fruit on His vine!